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I need help

Ok so I was discharged medically back in 2011 from the u.s. army reserves. I was an E-4 combat medic. I was diagnosed with having absence seizures so the army said you are getting discharged. Now fast forward 6 years later. I have graduated college for criminal justice and looking into becoming a cop. Will my discharge hinder me? I also havent had an episode in a few years. I only got them due to no sleep and stuff...since I've gotten older I take care of myself better.


You do need to check with the

You do need to check with the police forces you will be looking to work with. They all have regulations about how they can hire to work in different positions. Since I couldn't get in the military I didn't try to get in the police mainly because I still have seizures from time to time.

That's kind of what I figured

That's kind of what I figured however I didn't know if they were even going to ask me about it since being in the reserves and me not getting deployed I never got paperwork so I didn't know what they even end up seeing on my background check..

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