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I don't know if I had a seizure or I got up too fast


age: 15

Stress level: 4/10


I was watching some TV for around 2hrs and I decide to do some revision and I got up and all I remember was me leaning against a door (around 10metres away from the sofa) and then I felt dizzy after what felt like 10seconds for me I was on the floor with a incredibly sore head and there was a candle holder on the floor that's normally on a radiator cover! 

I don't know what it was, if I got up too quickly and then felt dizzy and fell on the floor or I had a seizure?

I don't remember hearing anything or falling on the floor throught the 10 seconds I did feel gradual pain on my head like somebody bad slicing it with a knife! I also found that one of my pimples were popped (if that helps)

Right now it's about 20mins after the fall and I feel a bump on my head with the pain getting better! I can't see if There's a cut on my head but hopefully not

Please help I'm really worried!

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