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Contrast MRI and MRS any connection between the two?


I have personally gone through all these tests (MRIs + MRS) for myself as the first MRI showed a ring enhancing lesion. And differential diagnosis through an MRS and contrast MRI is the only way forward in such cases.
However, I have another question related to this- what if the MRS is done without a "contrast" MRI. Note that a regular MRI is available and then a MRS is done. As far as I understand MRS is highly directional and I am not sure if doing the MRS without knowing the exact location of the centre of the lesion (as a regular MRI might not be as clear if there is significant edema) would be very useful.
Can anyone confirm if this is correct? Does the edema surrounding the lesion make it difficult for MRS to be used effectively thus making a contrast MRI a necessity (or even a good to have) and/or having a contrast MRI results in hand make a difference to the MRS results?
My dad is now going through all these tests too as a ring enhancing lesion was detected in the first MRI too. But the doctors have been unable to reach a diagnosis yet!

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