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Active Duty and having seizures

I appreciate you taking the time to read this and any help. I am 26 and have been in the Army going on 9 years. I have been on 9 deployments, very short compared to most. I have been having them for about the last two years. I only have them while in asleep, and then only when I'm sleep deprived it seems like. For example, after a 24 hour Staff Duty shift.

I haven't gone to the doctor for help or told anybody yet. I am married and no kids. I have finally reached my career goals and have worked very hard to get it. I absolutely love it!! At the same time my wife is attending to school full time to make her dreams come true. What I'm really worried about is being chaptered out of the Army. For one is because I'm almost halfway to retirement, I love my job (just recently became an Officer), and we do not have any money saved up for if I get kicked out. The last reason is one of the biggest reasons I'm scared to go tell a Doctor. I sent an email to a guy on another forums website who is in the Reserves and has seizures. They diagnosed his and even deployed him with medication. I'm not sure how common this is though. Thanks for any help and insight!!

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