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Who else has the same feelings as me

This is how I feel with Epilepsy (Seizures) in my life!!!!!!!!!!!
Not Normal
A Freak
A loser
A baby (because there people who wants anybody with me 24/7)
Not Strong
Not Brave
Not Tough
Not wanted
Left Out
Also I wanted to ask a question: how many people wear a medical alert ID everyday? I don't because it just make all of those feelings ten times worst for me.!.


On 4th of July I had a grand

On 4th of July I had a grand mal seizure that lead to me breaking my toe and getting burned on the right side of body from the hot cement and bit my tongue and lip. I had to be taken to the er in the ambulance. I am still very tired. When people call me a freak and a loser I don’t believe them because I know I’m not.

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