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4 seziures in one day!

Hi so this is a bit complicated so I’m going to try and sum it up. One day I took all my seziure medications (like always) but then I had a small seziure at school and I thought it was nothing major so I continued. A bit later that day I had another seziure and it lasted longer (when I have seziures I lose preception of time so it felt like 6 minutes wich of course it was not) so I called Home. Later that day I had another seziure at my grandmas house. Finally I was picking my bike up from school with my mom and I had another seziure. By this time I was exhausted and all I wanted to do was rest but I couldn’t sleep.


If you are a teen your body

If you are a teen your body is changing.  The number of seizures I was having increased as I changed from a kid to a teen. Do increased my dosages and things went well for a few months and the number of seizures increased again. Again the dosage was increased. That happened about 5 times in a 8-10 month period. Dosages are generally set with the size of the body. I grew about 10-12 inches and gained about 50 lbs during that time period.. So discuss this issue with your doctors because your dosage may need to be looked atI hope this helps and you get the assistance you needJoe

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