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Topic: Teens Speak Up!

Created By: Allisonrunnergirl | 09/2017 | 0 Comments

Hello my name isAllison I was diagnosed with epilepsy at birth but I did not have any seziures (other than little staring ones as a baby) until I was 10 and 11years old when I had 2 a Grand Mall...

Created By: Aleisha__Grace | 07/2017 | 3 Comments

Hey to anyone who actually reads this, I'm Aleisha, I'm 16 and in Grade 12. I have a million things wrong with me. They have been trying to figure out me epilepsy for 3 years now, and...

Created By: zuntijohn | 03/2017 | 1 Comment

Hello Everyone
As of the last month, I have been experiencing odd symptoms that I think may be a brain lesion.
I have little to no appetite
I have very frequent head rushes and...

Created By: hibsadam | 08/2016 | 1 Comment

hello everyone,
I'm not really sure how to begin this because I'm so confused. but let me try and sum it up without sounding too confusing.
the first time this happened to me...

Created By: Strugglingtochasemydreams | 06/2016 | 1 Comment

Hi guys, I am 18 years old and have controlled epilepsy and have been seizure free for a year by taking medication. Unfortunately, just having this condition has been nothing but a hindrance to...

Created By: dua | 09/2015 | 2 Comments

Hi,discuss your problems here.This group is for teens only.

Created By: RachelSproule | 04/2015 | 1 Comment

Hey everyone I just recently started a campaign called Making A Difference focused on topics such as
mental health issues
and many...

Created By: MSullivan9 | 08/2014 | 0 Comments


I'm a Girl Scout in the Washington, DC area and for my Girl Scout Gold Award Project, I'm sponsoring a free spa day for teen girls with epilepsy and other illnesses.  This event will...

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