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what do you think?


hi im 17 i have a sorta long story and you guys on here seem to have a lot of experience so i was hoping to hear what you think, when i was 13 i got headaches and blurry vision i'd faint sometimes and have ringing in my ears, theses things stopped happening for a couple years and i was ok. but, if i stayed up all night and then try to go out, to school or a store, id get tunnel vision and feel faint. thats as far as it went until december of last year. i was at this bowling alley where they had black lights and disco balls and strobe lights going and i had an episode that was treated as a panic attack. i have been on meds for social anxiety disorders for 5 or 6 months now. recently, i had a bad attack or episode and my doctor referred me to a neurologist, he did some tests and said it sounds like complex partial seizures. i am waiting to get an eeg and cat scan but in the mean time id apprieciate any feedback or experiences that might help me understand this. if it turns out that i do have some kind of seizure disorder how will this affect my life? im sorry this was so long but if you think you can help please do and thank you


RE: what do you think?

My son has seizures and his started out with his hands shaking then his vision becomes blurred and a weird odor that he can not explain. (He is only 8 yrs. old) I have had his vision tested and hearing check which all turned out to be normal. He has had five EEG's, three CAT scans, one MRI and scheduled for a PET scan due to now his balance if off, his memory is short term on somethings and attitude is real moody now. I now this is scary because it is to my child but try to keep a positive attitude because stressing makes it worth. But when you feel that YOU need a break from testing take that break until your state of mind gets back on track. But only for a short time. I wish you best of luck

RE: what do you think?

Hi .Thank you for posting.When I read it,I thought at first of vertigo...Until I read down and what you neuro thought.)Sorry to hear about your experience,it must have been scary....Especially the ringing ears and fainting...Wait until all the test results are in before moving along the path of a proper diagnosis.Stay calm and focused and that cannot be stressed enough.Don't stress until all the results are in.Have you been put on meds?If you are on meds,or are unsure about anything regarding your treatment-now or in the future,good advise is to seek advise from your doc or neuro regarding what's happening to you.Another good idea is talking things over with a close friend,one that understands,can relate to what you are saying,if you are unsure about anything regarding your future treatment,what will happen. The effect upon your life -how it affects you.Your relationships with your friends,your family.Have to say that staying up all night,then trying to go out to school,or for groceries is not the way to go for a healthy lifestyle:)Things you will find when you join forums like this is that talking,reading and listening help-really help.The more you learn,the more you know...I hear that partial seizures-complex or otherwise are considered harder to treat than seizures that generalise,though that's open to debate...Or even another poll...

RE: what do you think?

You're primary care physician should have referred you to a neurologist a long time ago. Anytime a doctor thinks it could be panic/anxiety attacks, seizures, migraines, depression, cluster headaches, stroke, circulatory diseases, and other neurological disorders, people should be referred to a neurologist. Also, some of the same medications are perscribed for epilepsy as well as other neurological disorders. That may be why the medication you're on may be helping, even if your doctor may have made the wrong diagnosis. Although lack of sleep can definitely bring on seizures.It is common for doctors and neurologists to misdiagnose seizures for panic attacks. I had a neurologist do that once. I've had epilepsy almost all my life. I definitely know the difference in when I'm nervous, excited, tense, etc, and when I'm having a seizure.I hope this helps.HeatherTulsa, OK

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