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Special Needs 20 yr old with Catamenial/Absence Seizre


Is there anyone out there dealing with this?  I am the parent of a young girl that cannot speak.  I have journaled for over 6 months now and it is clear that she is having these seizures.  We are currently trying Progesterone therapy to help but it seems worse.


There are many women who have

There are many women who have more seizures duringtheir time of month. Have you discussed this issue with her GP or neurologist? If she has these seizures and they are seizures then she could have other types of seizures which many people would not know were happening. Absence seizures are petite mal. I know because I was diagnosed with petite mal epilepsy before they came up with types of epilepsy. So check with her doctors and yes if she does have epilepsy then she may have other types of epilepsy and different seizures.. I am no doctor and I speak from my own experiance and what I have seen in this forum I do hope you get answers to your questions and your daughter gets the assistance she needs. Joe

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