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Some type of sleep seizure?


Hello everyone I'm new to this site I'm a 14 year old girl and I was wondering if anybody has what I do or the same symptoms and I would like to know if any of you can help me out a little. Sorry if this is long.

I'm laying down like any other night ready to go to sleep, then when I get in that state where I'm what I call "dozing off" into my sleep state, I get this almost sudden intense tingling feeling in my head (head only). I can shake this feeling off right before I fall into one of these episodes but it's hard to because when it happens my body wants to stiffen up. (Yes I am conscious and fully aware of what is happening) or you can say feel like I'm stuck in the middle of conscious and I'm about to become un-consciousness or faint. Anyhow, most of the time I do not shake it off because of my body not wanting to move. When it happens I feel that same tingling but even more intense to where it hurts. I can not move nor can I make any noise during these. But I do notice my head always tries to kind of "shake it off" because all the pain is in my head and I can stop my head from moving during this but if I do the tingling instantly stops and it is like my heart is in my ears and causes a terrible head ache. My head pounds. (Before I say anything else these episodes only last up to 10 seconds at the longest 15.) After it stops, it's a sudden feeling of relief except then is when I get very dizzy. I felt like I have been going in circles with my eyes crossed for a minute. It's intense to where I can almost not see. I know exactly how it felt and what has happened afterwards, with no memory loss at all. But I do feel instantly more drowsy than I hsve before it happened. Therefore, I can accidentally fall into one of these almost exactly 5 seconds after it has just happened. The second one is no worse than the first. The most I have had I believe is 4 continuously. I was about 11 years old. But it's almost like I was relaxed by it and I sort of liked it. BUT they were more frequent then and they were almost painless so I can understand why I did not wonder what is was then as much as I do now, though they have slowed down quite a bit. The last one I have had was exactly a week ago.(I almost had 2 but shook myself out of the second one and before that one I had one about 3 months ago). I am going to a neurologist soon but I would like to know others opinions on this too. :)

(P.S. I do not know if I have any movement during this because when a friend was over the same thing happened to me right beside him and he did not knowing any difference than me laying there.)


What you are posting could be

What you are posting could be seizures. I had them several times before I was diagnosed with epilepsy. There are many different kinds of seizures where we do not lose conciousness. I have focal motor seizures. They affect my right hand. In those my right hand tingles or gets numb. I can't move it but it did move by itself and it would rise up. I knew what was happening I saw heard and everything you posted so yes you can have a seizure without losing conciousness. I also would be writen up for day creaming in class. I was in the seizure had heard the question but I answered it when the seizure was over which could have been a few seconds or 30 - 45 seconds Tell the neurologist about these and any others you might remember.  The tests he will do if any will be an EEG and a MRI. The EEG is a brain wave tests showing where the electrical impulses are comming from. The MRI is basically a picture of the entire brain which could be looked at and they will see anything wrong with it's groth. They will see anything that could have caused a disorder such as a blow to the head which might have knocked you out. Those blows could cause a hemmorage to the brain and that hemmorage can cause scared brain tissue. I know that is what caused my epilepsy. The sooner you see the neurologist the better. I say that because I had gone a few years before I had a grand mal seizure. I hope this helps and you get the assistance you need Joe

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