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some sort of sleep seizures?


Hi :)
I've never been diagnosed with epilepsy or any type of seizure, I've never even had a seizure.I have been diagnosed with a panic disorder and cyclothymia but that's pretty well controlled with my meds I think. But, I've been getting these weird dreams. I'm terrified of bugs like panic attack terrified...mostly spiders, bees that sorta thing. So, in these dreams there's a bug of some sort that gets near my left ear and my head starts jerking in that direction uncontrollably for a while then I don't remember like it goes black for a second and then I continue dreaming for a few seconds it feels like and I wake up and my neck hurts and pops sometimes if I move it.. I wouldn't be concerned if it didn't keep happened 2-3 times in a little over a month then not for over a month and then recently it happened again. I know it's happening in real life as I'm dreaming because the first time in the dream basically a tarantula jumped on my neck on the left side and bit me and I started freaking out my head was jerking and I woke up while it was happening and at least my head was like shaking and I couldn't stop it I'm not sure if anywhere else was because I was still half asleep by the time I woke all the way up it had stopped it lasted about twenty seconds after I woke up I guess I haven't woken up while it was happening again..I haven't told my nurse practitioner that I usually see yet and don't want to unless I know it could be something because I think she already thinks I'm a hypochondriac lol but just wanted some other peoples opinions who may have gone through the same thing or something similar
I was thinking it might be some sort of panic attack but I mentioned it too my counselor and she didn't seem to know or be too concerned so I would just like some input please


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