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Sick of epilepsy


A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to the emergency room twice in 1 day cuz of my epilepsy and now Im having trouble talkingcuz of my epilepsy and idk what to do? Austin Hawks






Breathe. Relax. I'm still

Breathe. Relax. I'm still going through my diagnosis and will be going to an EMU tomorrow and I had my first MRI today. I've been going through this for months without answers so far, my doctor went from believing it to be epilepsy and then when he asked me about my past, switched it to thinking I have psychological seizures instead just because I went through a lot, and also because my seizures cause my legs to go numb and I lose my speech.I've been learning from people here and outside of here to talk. Let it out. My husband bought me a journal to help me with my memory loss and I've actually been using it to write everything to get it out. It helps. Find what will help you, talk to anybody. But don't give up.

After you have big seizures,

After you have big seizures, you're just suppose to chill.(makes a good excuse for missing school and finals) 

I understand where your

I understand where your coming from because I'm sick of it too, I've had this since 4. Yeah they may have taken over Lot in my life but in a way some days I feel if I didn't have them o wouldn't challenge myself and push myself in college. But I also think some days I feel helpless. Or alone but then I think positive that with this struggle comes strength.

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