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Seizures or anxiety


For the last 3 days, I have been having episodes of extreme dizziness, feeling faint, confusion, blurred vision and tiredness. I also have insomnia. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and possible ADHD. I went to the doctors about this and they said that it was an anxiety attack. They did not happen over the weekend so that's why they don't think it could be anything but my anxiety. It started really rapidly, last Wednesday. Could it be anxiety or a small seizure?


I, as a person who has had

I, as a person who has had both anxiety attacks and epilepsy for many years, can say that this does sound like an anxiety attack, and not so much a seizure. You said it came on very suddenly. I've had many types of seizures(complex partial, simple partial, galastic, and dacrystic), and for every seizure i can remember or even recollect in the least, I felt an aura of it coming on, sometimes up to 2 hours before hand. For my panic attacks, they happen very quickly. Also, some of what you're are experiencing might be due to not sleeping. Did the insomnia start before or after these episodes?I think before you jump to seizure, you should try and get control of your insomnia (Look into melatonin). See if that helps to either rid you of the episodes or decreases their frequency. I would also say it could be due to stress. If you get a handle on both of these and you are still facing this problem and still worried, I would see your doctor again.But honestly, I think what you're facing are anxiety attacks. Again, just from my personal experience. I hope I helped you. And I hope you figure this out.

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