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Hi everyone, I'm 19 years old and my name is Katerina. My symptoms are confusion, talking like a baby, acting like a baby, crawling, wanting and needing to hit and fix things, needing to pick, I lose all sight for a few seconds, headaches(major ones) sparks I call them which are I would probably say like an electric shock in the front of my head and the left side of my head tingles. Then I have an uncomfortable feeling in my mouth and throat kind of like a choking feeling. I know it's a lot and I'm sorry. Can anyone relate? Does anyone know? 



Most of what you posted can

Most of what you posted can be in some thypes of seizures, If you want you can also read up on them under types of seizures, There are many types of epilepsy and each type has different seizures. You could be having complex pertial seizures or others. Babbling,picking at things along with vision and confusion. Confusion also comes in several types of seizures. You might want to check with your doctor to see whatt he/she thinks  Do some research on this site I hope this helps

Try researching types of

Try researching types of seizures. You might type in generalized seizures in oyur tool bar use bing ot google. A tonic-clonic (grand mal) is also a generalized seizure. Not most seizures start in 1 area of the brain which controls the other side of the body. I have focal seizures. They start on the left side of my brain, In most of thiose they effect my right hand. It feels different. I can't move it. As a teen those seizures would generalize. (cover the entire brain which means the activity covers the whole brain. In those seizures My right hand would rise up. Once shoulder level I went down like a rock and I was in a full blown convulsion. They looked like grand mal but the difference was that I was concious. I saw, heard and knew what was happening.  So generalized seizures cover the entire brain rather then certain areas. If you have complex partial seizures you can have other seizzures. Partial,simple partial and others. I was diagnosed with grand ,al, petite mal and focal motor epilepsy. Those 3 kinds of epilepsy contail the worst, the slightest and a lot of those between them. Now that does nott mean I WILL have all those seizures. It does mean I can or had them.  As for having each and every kind have you had 40 different kinds of seizures?? Yes there are over 40 kinds of seizures. But a person only has a few kinds of seizures. Like I posted check with your doctor he can tell you what kinds of epilepsy you have and in doing that ask him which seizures you can have...

i have the talking like a

i have the talking like a baby but i stare straight ahead

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