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Recently diagnosed, trouble coping


Hi all,

My name is Molly I'm 18, I've recently been diagnosed with epilespy, well actually technically not exactly, my condition doesn't fit exactly into epilepsy though I do have epileptic seizures that involve convulsions. I was hospitalized 9 days due to having about 16 seizures a day and things were getting better, I was able to return to school (I'm a freshman in college) with a good support system around me. A couple days ago, I hit my head and started going into what was bets described to me as a seizure storm. I wasn't coming out of themfor about 30 minutes and had to go to the ER where I was given keppra and magnesium.

I now have to face the fact that I most likely have to withdraw from this term and go back home (only 2 hours away from my school) but it has been incredibly hard for me to cope with this new diagnosis. I feel as though my independence has been lost, I'm afraid of being alone and so are people around me. I don't know what the future holds and that scares me incredibly... Though this is a minor factor it is still important to me at this time. Obviously being in college and entering my 20s means drinking is going on all around me. Though i've never been a huge binge drinker or anything like that it is still upsetting to me to think that I can never go out with my friends and drink again... or in the near future in any case..

I don't really know.. I was hoping some of you had some advice for me in terms of coping with the epilepsie and the feelings that arise with it...

Thank you,


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