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I began having what I thought were blackouts, but later on was diagnosed with Complex Partial Seizures. About a year later I started having Grand Mal Seizures. But for some reason I only have them when i'm sleeping. After the seizure is over I either wake up or go back to sleep. I've done different tests and the results come back normal, which I find odd. I want to figure out whats causing them. My mom thinks its because I don't eat healthy or because i'm probably lacking vitamins (which could possibly be true but I don't know)

During my Sophmore year of High School, my world came crashing down. I know that seems kind of dramatic because its not like the world's ending. But for me I later found out that I couldn't enlist in the Navy (or become a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer, still debating). All because I have Epilepsy. I need to try and figure out what's causing them by myself beause my Neurologist is a big IDIOT. I wait every three months to get an appointment just for him to poke my stomach and my head for ten minutes, and he tells me "see you at your follow-up appointment".  I'm not giving up on my dreams so I need your help. If you know something I can try or do please comment, at this point I will try anything. I don't want to live life this way: randomly knocking out and hititng my head on something; going to the ER because someone gets scared and calls 911; being sore in the morning and having my tongue hurting; not being able to be in a room alone; not even being able to be in a bathroom without someone yelling "are you okay" if i'm taking to long in the shower or if I knock something over by accident; people asking every five minutes "are you okay" in a sweet soft voice (trust me it gets really annoying); people looking at me like i'm a freak; everybody worried that i'm going to have a seizure; depending on medicine; needing a medical release form for everything I do; and most importantly not being able to follow my dreams.

So please, HELP...




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