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New problems coming up and not sure if they're related to epilepsy


I have had 1 seizure ever, but when I had an EEG done my doctor said I had Frontal Lobe Epilepsy (FLE). I have been on Lamictal XR for over a year now taking 300 mg once a day. It has been working fine lately, but all of a sudden I feel like I've been having trouble. I have started occasionally sleep walking and going into my dad's room (I take a shower in his bathroom). This has happened about 3 times in the past month and a half and I'm not sure why. I'm wondering if I'm having nocturnal seizures since FLE can cause seizures while sleeping. I had my only seizure while in the shower and my dad said I got up and walked and then fell down but I don't remember that at all. Also I have had trouble paying attention in school and my grades have plummeted. I have sometimes been listening and all of a sudden, I start to get blurry vision (feels like I'm going cross-eyed) and I know my teacher is talking but I can't understand what he/she is saying. This has happened at home as well and has been going on for at least 3 months. I've recently read about absence seizures and that they can come with FLE. I haven't spoken to my doctor yet so can anyone give me some details on what's going on with me?

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