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Looking for other teenagers with epilepsy in southern maryland


Southern Maryland is pretty rural and I have started having seizures about a year ago when starting high school.  I am looking for a support group of other teens who just understand what it is to deal with all these body changes, high school and stress.     I am 15 yr old girl who really wants to find an outlet for someone like me that is not super close to a major city.  If anyone has any suggestions for good outlets, because I used to do theraputic horse back riding but cannot due to seizures.    Does anyone have any ideas of support groups I can join that just do activities and not just email or texting  ?


St. Mary's MedStar hospital

St. Mary's MedStar hospital is having there 1st  epilepsy support group tonight, I believe it is being held in the blue heron cafe at the hospital from 6 - 7:30pm. My daughter is 19 and she will probably be there.

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