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Keppra and feeling angry all the time


I got put on Keppra a few days ago because Lamictal didn't work for me, I have the normal symptoms you get from Keppra like tiredness etc... But is it normal that I get angry really really easily, I have a short temper already but I feel like Keppra has increased my anger? Is this normal?


Keppra does weird things to

Keppra does weird things to my mood. Most of the time it makes me sad though, not angry. I find myself crying sometimes when I am really not very sad. Did it a last week at work. :) Was really embarrassing!   

Yes, I had hot flashes of

Yes, I had hot flashes of anger feeling like I wanted to kill someone when I was on Keppra. Scary stuff. Trileptal has worked much much better for me.

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