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Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy


I am 16 years old and a couple of weeks ago I got diagnosed with JME, I knew I had epilepsy but I had a hard time telling people I had it! After seeing my neurologist I got put on Lamictal 25mg, I reacted bad to that so had to come off it! I started to become paranoid... Hearing voices and seeing people also I sensed people was in the room like spirits? I read up on auras but I don't get a seizure after it? What im going through I don't know if it's epilepsy related of something different its really scaring me and I can't sleep at night because I think someone is watching me!! It might just be me... But has anyone else had this happen to them? Or has anyone got advice? 


Thank you for replying! I got

Thank you for replying! I got put on Keppra today and also I spoke to my doctor today about the voices i hear etc... And he said it could be linked with Epilepsy, I don't see my neurologist for another 2 weeks so I am going to wait and see what he says. Thank you, hopefully Keppra works for me:)

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