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Just diagnosed


I was diagnosed with Epilepsy three month ago, and I am so angry... why this happened to me ? I need help hope someone could help me to understand...


I read your post and see that

I read your post and see that you were diagnosed with epilepsy.. You are angry.  You also want to have people help you understand. Ok I will see if I can assist you. You are a teen and your world is turned upside down with this. You are angry because you don't know what you have or how you got it. You like many other people seem to think they will not get things like this. ANYBODY at any age whether rich or poor can get epilepsy. Knowing you have epilepsy and knowing very little about epilepsy you think the only seizures a person can have are grand mal seizures when in reality there are 40+ different seizures. You might have been having seizures for some time since absence seizures are kind of like blips in time. People could think you were day dreaming. You could also have partial seizures without saying anything about them since they can be muscle twitches. Or you could have had focal seizures which start in one area of the brain which controls the other side of the body. Ever get a wierd feeling in a hand ot finger?? Those could have been seizures. You see I have been posting the things that happened to me which were over looked. Yes those were over looked and were not connected with me and epilepsy until I had a grand mal seizure. Oh I never got my questions answered by the doctors since I was 13-14 when I was diagnosed. My questions was "What is epilepsy" followed by "What kind of seizures can I have". I too was left questioning and my world was turned upside down. I did research to find out what epilepsy was and what kinds of epilepsy there were and the different kinds of seizxures there were. Understand that there are many different things that can happen. There are newer medications that can control your seizures. There are other things that can help you understand what you have and how you can get seizure free. Some people grow out of it. My cousin did and she is married has a great job drives and has been a wonderful person. It did take some time but hey she dealt with it. You are on the best site to help you understand what you have and how you can live with it. All you have to do is start researching. Go to the LEARN section and start with epilepsy 101 and work from there. Just move across from there and then go to the lext row down. By doing that you will find out more about epilepsy and types of epilepsy and types of seizures. What yo uare upset more about is you have a disorder which can't be seen and by not seeing it you don't know how to deal with it. Someone with a hearing disorder can be dealt with since most hearing aids can be seen. The same with a sight disorder people can see glasses. Or a problem with walking. Cains, crutches and wheelchairs can be seen. what you have can't be seenso it is harder for you to understand. All a seizure is is an electrical impulse going off in the brain which causes a chain reaction.Once the chain reaction stops the seizure is over. Medications you will be taking are designed to stop the electrical impoulses from causing the chain reaction..  As for medications there are many and they all work. But a medication that works for one person may not work for the next. The same with dosages. Each persons body is different which is the reason for those statements. I hope this helps and you do unsdersstand more and you get seizuer free Joe

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