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I'm a little confused


When I woke up today I went to the bathroom to notice blood when I went to the bathroom. I went outside to tell my mom and I was talking to her and joking and around with her about when I got my wisdom teeth out (the only time I've fainted was when they tried to get an IV in when I had wisdom teeth removal) well I didn't feel bad at all and I wasn't worried about the blood, I wanted to get it checked br I figured it was nothing big but then my heart started pounding and I said "I feel light headed" and I went unconscious. my mom described it as if I started arching my back and I was moving my arms and my eyes started to roll back but that I never closed my eyes. I came to about 3 minutes later and I bursted into tears because I was terrified. my mom helped me walk to the door where I collapsed on the front porch. my parents called 911 and thy checked my blood sugar and pressure and everything was fine but it felt like tingly and like electricity was going through my body. I got to the hospital and they ran an egk and they ended up diagnosing me with fainting. I have fainted before but nothing was like that. that was the most terrifying expletive in my life and I was crying and upset for hours over it. I've been having headaches a lot recently and I lose track of time more often. I'm honestly so scared of this happening again but my mother and I both agree that it seemed to be more than just fainting. I did start sweating and I turned very pale afterwards and I did bite my tongue during the episode. I am 16 and Im supposed to be going to the doctor about the episode here soon, but if anyone has any opinions on what happened please tell me


Many of the things you posted

Many of the things you posted you have had could be seizures. The rolling back of yur eyes and arching your back and moving your arms are things that happen is seizures. Head aches also come with some seizures as well as electrical feelings. Losing track of time could be absence seizures  which look like the person is day dreaming. During a many different seizures you will lose track of time. Been there done thatYou need to see a doctor about this issue since if they are seizures they will get stronger and more frequent. Your PCP could set you up with a neurologist specializing in epilepsy. The tests done at the hospital were regulat tests given to all patients that cone in. The EKG is electrical output in your heart. Blood tests are normal tests for all kinds of things. A scan is showing what that area looks like.The tests the neurologist may have are EEG (brain wave test) which shows the electrical output comming from your brain. Another might be an MRI.What ever you do when talking to the neurologist ANSWER his questions and give all the imformation. Tell him about all the experiances you have had. I hope this helps Joe

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