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I think I've had a seizure! Help!!


I don't really think I have epilepsy because I had other symptoms too but I really need help!! I'm extremely scared because I think I've had a seizure but I'm not sure. So last night I was laying in bed and I got a weird sensation that ran down the left side of my body especially down my arm. The sensation would become stronger and stronger until I lost control of my body for a second and my entire body would jerk. This continued to happen over and over for 2+ minutes. I haven't told my parents yet but I am scared that something is wrong. Could this be a seizure? Please help!


I would say that was a

I would say that was a seizure, but tell your doctor about it and see. If you tell him/her and your doctor, I would say try and get an EEG (electroencephalograph). This can show brain activity that could show if you have epilepsy.

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