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How Soon Can I Outgrow Epilepsy


Okay so I had my first siezure in November after a night of drinking, but I barely drank, and being sleep deprived, and then in December I had my second one and I think it was induced by stress maybe because I got like 7 and a half hours of sleep and I didn't drink (and I'm not going to anymore) so in January I finally got diagonsed with juvenile myclonic epilepsy by my neuorologist at Rush Hospital in Chicago. I haven't had any seizure acitivy since then. (I just turned 16 December 2014 by the way.) My question is how soon do you think I can outgrow it? Is it possible in just a matter of months or maybe like a year or two? My epilepsy isn't as bad as many others obviously, but I just want to not have to have it anymore.

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