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Hello,I am wondering if there has been anybody who was diagnosed with epilepsy, but everything came back normal. I have been to a neurologist once when i was 10 - 12, not sure. Everything came back okay. I am not sure what is wrong with me. Since i have been a child, i live with seizure- like spells.. I am 17 now. I will be sitting, standing, doing whatever and i will simply fall over and twitch. i always space out, and i always "come out of it" and i have no idea what is going on. Before these spells, i apparently get a "glazed" look in my eyes, i get pale and start sweating. I then usually say the name of whom i am with as a plea for help ( i never remember this) and then i wake up on the ground feeling tired and sick. While i am out, which is usually for about a minute give or take, i feel like i am sleeping, even have dreams and i twitch! I am now 17 and have dealt with an undiagnosed issue since preschool. I would love advice if possible.. Do these sound like seizures at all? Could it be my heart causing this, because my sister was born with Tetrollogy Of Falllot. I know your advice won't be  100% accurate without proper medical equipment, but i just need thoughts.

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