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Hallucinations and behaving like a Dog!



My nephew who is 10 years old has been diagnosed with epilepsy this year. It started off this year as:

1. Fainting oftenly in school;

2. Severe body jerks with saliva drooling during deep sleep (occured once initially);

3. Hallucinations prior to a fit started occasionally;

and now it has almost become a ROUTINE. He gets extremely aggrevated, starts beating his siblings, tries to strangulate himself, talks insane, behaves like a DOG by sniffing and barking FOLLOWED by fit. And after he recovers, complains: 

"Why didn't we help him release from those two men? Because those men were trying to strangulate and beat him up."

Moreover, he wants to go back in his past when things were perfect for him as a small child.

Anyone experiencing such a situation accompanied by fits?


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