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Epileptic Fits


Someone close to me has just been rushed into hospital after having over 5 fits at home, he had 3 awaiting air ambulance and some in hospital.

he has not got epilepsy and has not had anything like this previously... what are the survival chances?


Survival rates for a person

Survival rates for a person that has had seizures??? I have had seizures for 50+ years and I am still here. I went into status epilepticus and was having 40 convulsions an hour so I do know that it is highly possiable for your friend to come out. Now he/she will be tired since a seizure drains energy out of a personHe can have epilepsy and not know it. A seizure is not just a convulsive seizure. I had absence seizures (petite mal or focal motor seizures for over a year before I ever had my grand mal (tonic clonic)If your friend or family member had several seizures and was taken to the hospital they will give him medication to stop the cluster of seizures. He/she will be tested to see what caused his seizures. Those tests are easy and will not harm him. One will be an EEG and the other will be an MRI. The ER will also run blood tests and a CT scan.He could be let out of the hospital later today unless they want further testing or they run a longer EEG. But depending on the ammount of energy he has they could also keep him there overnight.If yo uneed to talk to someone by all means call the 24/7 help line. People there will help anyone calling get answers to their questions about epilepsy or tell you what might be done. The toll free number is 1-800-332-1000

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