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Bullying at school


As a teenager, I have been the subject of ruthless bullying simply because I need to pay close attention to factors that can trigger a seizure, stop doing everything in the middle of one and perform some first aid myself (teachers know and can do nothing other than watching out for my safety), go to nurse’s office for midday medicines, cannot play with friends for an extended time (doing so may induce a seizure), and must regularly go to my doctor and miss classes.  As a result, I am being singled out, and peers laugh at me for being different.

I don’t know if you have this situation yourselves.  If so, how do you deal with it?


I canunderstand your issue,

I canunderstand your issue, If you think it is bad today you might be right. But at the same time I went thru a lot after I was diagosed with epilepsy. Back then there was no internet. You are not the only person that your peers joke and laugh about or make fun of. If they are like those in my day they also do the same with handicaped kids and people with glasses or in wheelchirs or even diabeties. As for going to the nurse there are a lot of others that do that and their ailments can be seen others are like those I mentioned up there ^^^. Have you research the EFA (this site) to find out if there is anything they can do. I know  they train school nurses if they do that they might assist the etachers or the school in informing the students of this issue and give information on what to do if they see a person having a seizure. In those meetings they also tell the people that there are other kind of seizures which some of them may be having and don't know they are. I was being written up for day dreaming in class. Those day dreams were auras.simple partial seizures or partial or focal seizures. I was diagnosed with epilepsy I was lucky to have to write an essay in english class. We had to research what we were going to write on. I was told I could write it on anything I wanted. I thought a little. I had not recieved an answer to my main question to the doctors. "What is Epilepsy" So knowing I had to research I did. This was long before the enternet. also years before home computers. I did my research and wrote the essay. After presenting it to my teacher a few days later I was reading it to all of her classes. My science teacher heard about my essay and wanted it read to all of his classes. The Vice princible heard about it and I had to read it to the entire student body ay the next assembly. & ywears later the essay was still being used and read to the entire student body. SO find out is you can do something like that. You see if people are not told about epilepsy they will alwways thing of the only kind of seizure they have heard about and that is a Grand Mal seizure. I have not had a grand mal for other convulsive seizure since 1970. But I still have seizures and those seizures are of different kinds. I hope you can understand  what I am trying to do. Be strong and understand that those peers are doing nothing but hurting themselves. If your friends are standing by you and helping you then you have some great friends. Great friends are hard to come by but once you have them they can help in many ways. I had a very good friend while in school. I saw a message one day about 8 years ago. The last time I had seen Pam was when we went horse back riding.. She was dear to me since she was my first love which started in 6th grade. We talk on the phone a few times a month and we send e-mail to each other and yes my other half knows about her nad has talked to her on th phone . Keep your friends close and if they are like you posted you can go far. I hope this helps and you get your epilepsy under control.. Joe

you tagged it well.,   Back

you tagged it well.,   Back in the 1960's we went through heLLLLLLL but in order to do that we had to show our peers that we could do everything they could and in many cases we did it better. ThanksJoe

People are jerks, seriously;

People are jerks, seriously; try to ignore them even if it doesn't seem possible. Try to let them know it doesn't bug you, I know it does- I have petite mal and I'm 18 and don't have my liscene. Someone was singing in my class the other day, "I'm going to get my liscene and you don't have it yet."I hate it too, I just say, "I have a reason for that." Just use that line and walk off; the problem is enough people don't really understand what Epilepsy actually is :/ They understand what cancer is for example because of commercials but people with Epilepsy get no commercials.

I forgot something. When

I forgot something. When people asked my whar epilepsy was  I told them it awas a malfunction in the central nervious system. All a seizure is is an electrical impulse going off in the brain wrong.  While I was saying this I had friends setting up 2 different sets of dominoes. One on one table all lined up close so one would fall intoi the next. THe other table another set was et  up exactly the same. I said a seizure and my friend tapped the forat dominoe in that set and they watched them all fall down which stopped the chain reaction. I looked at the next set and Pam had her finger between the 4th and 5th dominoe where most people could not see it. I motioned to start the seizure and yes it did start. However the chain reaction stopped between the 4th and 5th dominoe. Which is when I said medications are created to stop the seizures before they start and others are made to stop the seizures once it has started. The peers then had to think some since they knew I could do everything they could. They also knew I could do some things thay coudn't. Like explain what I had and demonstrate what happens and results medications can have. Please if you see this and think it might help by all means use it Joe

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