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What happened to me and what should I do next?

I have recently experienced my first grand mal seizure episodes and am unsure on how best to proceed and am pretty shaken up by the experience.

I am 25 and live in the UK, first i want to apologies by the following word splurge and am looking for advice or any similar experiences other people have had or can give.

The week prior to the incident I was suffering from an migraine and as usual booked an appointment with my gp.
I was signed off work which was not out of the ordinary however I was prescribed diazepam, I had never been prescribed this before or to my memory any other medication usually coped through these episodes without using pills maybe the odd ibuprofen or paracetemol depending on the severity of the symptoms.

The day of the seizure I last remember leaving my house to walk to my gp office to pickup an updated sick note to give to my employer (database analyst full time) upon my return, I do remember smoking an joint that day, although my illicit drug use previous to this was extensive including alcohol, cocaine and ecstasy I had quit these substances due to friends and family experiencing physical and mental health illnesses related to the substances a year maybe 2 years prior. I had smoked weed quite frequently since I was around 16. I did not quit cannabis at the same time as the other drugs which at the time I considered a lot more harmful due to seeing the negative effects via said family and friends and was fortunate not to directly experience them myself e.g. heart attacks and addictions. Not that it's important I had always fully disclosed my drug use to doctors whenever I had appointments.

during my walk to the gp office I experienced my first grand mal seizure for which I have very little memory and luckily an bystander called an ambulance and I was admitted to hospital, according to the doctors and nurses they attempted an ct scan where I had another seizure in the machine, when I regained consciousness the next day they told me what happened and that I was lucky to be alive as I sustained pretty significant head injuries during the seizures. I am still unsure how many seizures in total I had that day or the days I was in hospital as my memory both long term and short term had been significantly affected.

They suspected encephalitis or meningitis but this was later ruled out following blood tests.
I was going to have an spinal tap but after consulting an neurologist the emergency physicians deemed this unnecessary.
And fortunately I was able to go home after a 4 day stay in the AMU was also given an keppra/levetiracetam 500mg prescription to take twice a day.

The cause of the seizures is still unknown and have a follow up appointment with an gp and also an neurologist. hopefully they maybe able to shed some more light on what happened.

I have as of coming out of hospital completely quit all drug use apart from the keppra. But as it is new an new variable and I have read experiences where diazepam has caused these type of seizures even though it has been prescribed to treat them in certain circumstances. I heavily suspect this to be the culprit. although even without any evidence or suggestion including from the doctors the cannabis could have had something to do with it maybe in combination with the vallium? they did mention that they would typically suspect the alcohol/cocaine & ecstasy abuse however because of the time frame of me quitting them it was unlikely.

I have started to regain my short term memory following the incident just not of the actual days I had the seizures.
although the weeks prior are still a bit hazy. My long term memory is still a lot worse than what I would typically expect.
The only hospital visits I remember is twice between the ages of 14 and 16 where I dislocated a toe and was slammed on my back and badly winded by an bully at school. No damage was made permanently. Although my diet could probably be much better/healthier. smoking of course does not help my health.

I am very concerned with any future seizures I may have mainly due to the 3 hour round trip it takes for work on public transport as the thought of having an seizure during this window is very scary to me as help may not be as quick as it was.

I feel lucky to get out of this experience alive and as in good health as I am, the anti-biotic side-effects are horrible.
Should I look into legal advice for the diazepam prescription? although I don't think I would be able to look at my self in the mirror if the prescribing doctor were to be fired because of me. I will probably miss out on at least 2 weeks of work because of the seizure and have yet to be declared fit to return to work pun not intended.

Thank you for any advice or experience you can share with me. I thought it would only be fair to be as transparent as possible. Maybe I brought this upon myself but I just can't say for certain.

Kind Regards

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