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Should I vaccinate my baby that has seizures

Hello, I'm new to this group, I just wanted to ask if anybody has experience what I'm going thru
So my baby started having seizures a few hours after he was born. He was born, and hear rate, pulse, oxygen level, basically he passed a the check up the pediatrician usually checks for during the 1st hour of life, then he rcvd his heb b vaccine. It was about maybe an hour after his heb b vaccine he started showing seizures symptoms. My son would hold his breath, whole body stiffens up and lips would turn blue from holding his breath. My son was put on phenobarbital first which it didn't control his seizures, so the DR added keppra to control his seizures, and then thy decided to sedate my baby with a med call Versed to help him with the ongoing seizures. After maybe 2 wks in nicu, his seizures were under control and he was off sedation. He was in nicu for 21 days, we went home with phenobarbital and keppra, his seizure started again a few days we came home and we went back to hosp and now he is on topamax as well. Which seem to be helping now. My son was due for his 2 month vaccine. Which I told his Dr. Not right now. I'm afraid it may trigger his seizures to start again. I just wanted to ask parents out there to see how was your experience allowing vaccines to your child that had seizure or not allowing vaccines to your child
Btw, the neurologist said my son has complex partial seizures. The neurologist stated that vaccines are whats recommended but he cannot guarantee vaccines will not trigger my son seizures again. So I'm really unsure what to do

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