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My daughter (6)was at school on Sept 19th and started getting confused and said she had the scardies. She not anyone in the family has history of seizures she went into 2 focal seizure that lasted over 20 minutes the ambulance came. We live in a small town so everything takes a bit longer. In the ambulance she came out for a minute said her age went back into a focal. Then she started going into grand Mal seizures in the er that were lasting over 20 min. She had numerous seizures. The doctors were pumping her full of medicine but She never came completely coherent. They did an CT scan to see if there was a brain bleed which there wasn't so they decided to fly her to the children hospital, where they're more advanced. They sedated her for the plane ride. We got there and it was a wait for them to do a MRI because they were so backed up and she was finally stable and quit having seizures after the sedation. They did a 20 min Eeg while sedated which showed lagging on the right side of the Brain then they finally did an MRI 14hrs later and finally took her out of sedation, the MRI was Normal and the two days we were in the hospital she had no incidents. She complained of a few headaches but that's it. The neurologist decided to send her home with no meds. She wasn't having any problems except headache and then she said she had the scardies again I called the nerologist. She decided to put her on keppra while on keppra she got extremely angry and had attitude problem and she continues to have numerous headaches thru the day. Her teacher and I keep a detailed diary of her day but the Dr was too busy to look at it. But she decided since she was having headache and behavior problems we will switch her medicine czonisamide witch she's been on for 2 months now with still continue headaches. That are like quick lightning bolts she gets 6 or more a day. Plus she gets stomach aches that happen in a flash. I've emailed her Dr all of this and she calls them spells and sees no problem in it. I bought her an embrace watch which showed she had 33 seizures in a week period I also told her Dr this she said it must be in accurate. I demanded they did an EEG which u could tell would be calm then go crazy but she said since I forgotten to hit the mark button it was Normal. My daughter goes through extremely mood changes after a seizure.

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