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Seizure or Panic Attacks?

I am diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 9, because I had grand mal, and went through testing. Until today, I had 3 grand mal, and last one was when I was 15.
I felt very good and I stopped the medication when I was around 18. My tests were very good and I felt it is just not necessary. To be honest, I changed medication with cannabis.
Everything was great until last year. When I was in Morrocco, one person shooted blitz from the camera at me several times and it totally turned me upside down. While high at the same time, I started feeling dizzy and very strange. I was aware all the time of what was happening but I felt I could faint down. Now after that, I realized that same thing happens quite often. When I am high, I start having some kind of trembling. It is not funny, and it is kinda similar to this video:
So, I start trembling like this girl on video, and my voice kinda changes (even though I think it is from being extremely high).

I went to the neurologist to do an EEG and everything was fine until light started blinking, and the same thing started again. I started trembling hard. I saw it also on my EEG, but the doctor said it is fine because it was "under discomfort", not a seizure. Other parts of eeg while the light was not blinking (both with opened eyes and closed eyes) were normal, on the beginning and the end of an EEG testing.

So now I don't know what to do! Do you think it is really just a panic attack or some partial seizure? Once again, trembling is very similar to this one:

Did anyone experience this?

Other than this, I don't realize I am having seizures. I didn't have grand mal (maybe while sleeping?? But I cannot know), and I am prone to anxiety disorder.

Best wishes


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From the above cases, it

From the above cases, it should be evident that indeed partial seizures can be mistaken for panic attacks. What clues, if any, might there be in the case descriptions that these spells might be seizures and not panic attacks?In the first case, the development of panic attacks for the first time at the age of 64 is worrisome. Panic disorder is only rarely first diagnosed after age 45; this fact alone suggests the need for further medical investigation. Secondly, even though numbness and tingling may occur in panic, I would be concerned when these symptoms are prominent (as they were in this case) and occur in a certain order. In other words, the fact that the tingling developed in a stereotyped pattern, always preceding the other symptoms, would be worrisome to me.In the second case, I would again be concerned about the patient’s complaints of numbness, this time involving the left side, and diminished hearing; I worry when a particular sensory symptom always involves only one side of the body. In addition, the description of repetitive motor activity (swallowing and chewing movements) is a huge red flag. Whenever these kinds of movements are present, it is very suggestive of a seizure.In conclusion, panic attacks are not always due to panic!

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