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Seizure free and AEDS free!!

In year 2004, I started to have convulsive seizures at my freshman years in the university. After my second convulsive seizures within 5 days after the first one, I had done the EEG test, and then was diagnosed with epilepsy. I still had so many seizures within a week with the AEDs. I had many side effects from the meds, lost my jobs, driver's license, and ability to focus on studies at school. I took years off from the university. My neurologists told me he could not find what cause the seizures for me and it is dangerous many times because many seizures lasted more than 5 minutes and had multiple seizures at a time waking up in an ambulance or at the ER. I was only suggested surgical treatment to implant a device to control my seizures, which I did not want to do at the time. So after 3 years of trying AEDs, tests, following guidelines and advises from my neurologist, I tried to search for alternative treatment. I had taken different approach to control my seizures and finally after 6 months of alternative treatment, I became AEDs free, and seizure free. My neurologists could not believe my seizure was controlled without AEDs, and without any surgical device implantation. I asked him to sign release so my driver's license could be reinstated, but he told me he can not do it in short period of time. I went back to see him again in 2010, almost 3 years after not taking any AEDs and with no episode of seizures. After going through many exams thoroughly, he signed a medical report for me to get my driver's license back. He told me he had never seen anyone like me who had severe uncontrolled seizures becoming better in 6 months. He told me it is like a miracle. I had horrendous life with seizure. I know what people feel with seizures in their life. Sometimes I felt I was weak, and had so much frustration. I had no hope for better future at the time. After the alternate treatment I had, I found hope and healthier me. It is now 2019, and I am still seizure free, and meds free. I want to help people who have similar issues. I had helped 2 other individuals who also had seizures for more than 20 years. I can not guarantee 100% effectiveness for all types of seizures but when it works it works like magic. If you would like more info, please find me on facebook or reply here.


I would like to know more -

I would like to know more - will check out the facebook page as well. Thanks

I'm a 44yo twin. We've had

I'm a 44yo twin. We've had seizures for half of our lives. We've tried multiple AEDs to which a healthy percentage of them gave us an allergic reaction. After surgery in 2002, my brother still takes a fair amount of medicine but has been seizure free! I haven't been as fortunate. I'm currently taking 4000mg Keppra and 1200mg Lamictal daily. I've also had 4 separate surgical procedures performed on my brain over the past 6 years. I'm not on any social media and most definitely prefer it that way. If you can somehow help me it will certainly be magic!

Nice story, congrats!How did

Nice story, congrats!How did you achieve that?

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