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Possible Seizure

Does this sound like I have a seizure? I stopped with my hand a door frame. Unresponsive to simple questions. Hand slightly. Staring off. Tight grip on objects in hand. Needed support to stand. Turned head from looking straight slowly to the left. Put back against wall. Still supported. Was able to sit in chair. Became responsive to simple questions.


That was hand shaking

That was hand shaking slightly.

It sounds like it to me,

It sounds like it to me, though I wouldn't know what type of seizure it is. If it's not a seizure then idk what it would be.. I think maybe you should talk to a doctor though before it gets worse or happens at a time where it could be life threatening. No matter what it is, I doubt it could be good. Better to be safe than sorry and talk to your doc!

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