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Not sure what's going on

Hi. my name is Jason Womble, 45 living in Wisconsin. I apologize upfront for all the information, but I figured an idea of where things started to now would be helpful.

Back in late April 2018 I started experiencing really bad debilitating migraines that made it very hard to do anything. Spent a couple of weeks trying to get rid of them on my own (over the counter stuff), but ended up going in to see my PCP on May 9th about it. They did a CT scan that came out normal, but due to the issues I was having with the migraines (throwing up, vision, etc) she referred me to a neurologist. As we all know it took awhile for me to get into him, but started seeing my neurologist in July 2018. He suspected something other than migraines were going on, but wasn't sure what so he put me on depakote and continued to monitor me for the next couple of months and I went on FMLA and short term disability. My issue not only didn't get better it got worse as I as starting to have seizures, convulsions, tremors, vision issues, throwing up, etc. When my FMLA was up in September and nothing was getting better I had to quit my job as my condition isn't allowing me to work or do much of anything. At this point an EEG was ordered and the EEG came back with abnormal generalized epileptic discharges and based on this and other information gathered, I was diagnosed with primary generalized epilepsy with severe debilitating migraines (I know what I great 1-2 punch to have). It was determined by my neurologists again that due to the frequency of the seizures along with the migraines I'm unable to be gainfully employed for the foreseeable future. I have been working with SSA since September on my disability claim which is still ongoing.

Saw my Neurologist again a couple weeks ago (12/7/2018) and since the Depakote hasn't been working at all he put me on Topamax for the seizures and Imitrex for the migraines. He also ordered an at home 48 hour EEG to be done. I had it and got the report today (12/19/2018) and am meeting with my neurologist on Friday 12/21 to go over it since it's very confusing. Also the EEG wasn't interpreted by my neurologist, but by another neurologist via the company who administered the EEG.

From the 48 hour EEG report:

A total of 1 XL event was recorded, using a software algorithm designed to detect rhythmic or repetitive discharges
that could represent electrographic seizures. The event was reviewed and found to contain artifacts or physiologic
rhythms. No ictal epileptiform discharges were detected.

A total of 12 XL Spike Files were collected using automated software. Each of these files was reviewed and found
to contain runs of irregular, 4-7 Hz, theta sharp waves lasting 2-5 seconds over bifrontal head regions ( F3, F7, F4,
F8 electodes). This activity could potentially be epileptiform from electrographic view point.

TECHNOLOGIST EVENTS: 27 tech events were clipped by the Technologist from the recording.

So at the end of the report, the EEG interpretation was:

This 48-hour ambulatory EEG is abnormal by virtue of:

1. Presence of intermittent focal epileptiform activity in a form of runs of irregular, 4-7 Hz, theta sharp waves lasting
2-5 seconds over bifrontal head regions.

2. There were 70 patient events There was no ictal epileptiform activity. Patient events do not represent seizures.

3. There were no electrographic or electroclinical seizures.

Focal epileptiform discharges indicate focal sites of cerebral hyperexcitability which can be associated with
increased risk for partial seizures/epilepsy.

Clinical correlation is advised.

Obviously most of us are not medically inclined like myself to understand the above, but if I'm reading it correctly it says that the spikes and epileptiform discharges that were found show the likely hood of partial seizures and epilepsy. Also I now had had 2 EEG's out of 2 that came back very abnormal so I assume from a diagnostic stand point this is a good thing. Also if anything stands out from what has been mentioned or via the report please let me know as we will take all the help we can on this.


Just an update...I made two

Just an update...I made two back to back appointments for today with my neurologist later this afternoon. His normal follow up appointments are 20 min long so this way my fiancee and myself will have plenty of time to go over the 48 hour EEG findings, confirm his original primary generalized epilepsy or change it to something different, and some other concerns about what kind of migraines, increasing my medications, why my extremities convulse 4-5 times a day min when I'm not doing much other than resting.

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