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My first seizure

My first seizure happen when I was eight years old. My mom told had grand mal in her bed but didn't waking up a little until was in ambulance. I was full awake once I realized I was in hospital and I felft nice poke getting blood draw. I still dizzy they wanted walk CT while walking kept hitting stuff. While waiting images gave medicine for head. Than doctor told I had a big seizure and need see neugologist. We left hospital and went go bed. Next went doctor and he said I'm a person with epilepsy so start on medicine to control your seizures. That's when new girl with epilepsy.


Hello, how are you doing. My

Hello, how are you doing. My daughter was just diagnosed with Epilepsy few days ago. She had a grandmal last week. For a year she had some fainting episodes. It is very stressful for a person with seizures as well as their family. Good thoughts to you and your family!

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