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Mom of epileptic

I am the mother of an 18 year old boy who had his first general/primary seizure May /2018 lasting over 8 minutes. He has been healthy other than normal childhood illnesses cold, ear infections ect. Neurologists had him start 2000mg of Keppra (1000mg am and 1000mg pm) as his eeg came back abnormal.
In July/2018 he had his second seizure again over 8 mins and was confused and disoriented longer. Neuro increased dose to 3000mg (1500mp am and 1500mg pm)
On Monday I woke him from what I thought was a nap, he was confused and disoriented ,had a headache that we believe was a migraine that lasted for 2 days, and had bitten both sides of his tongue so bad he couldn't eat solids for 2 days!
Neuro increased keppra to 3500mg a day.
We are very new to this diagnosis and am looking for any advise, similar stories anything really that you think might help!!


That's on the high side for

That's on the high side for keppra so I'd be following up with more questions for the doc. It's a bit complicated because your son might not be at the best point to advocate for himself but you have to walk a finer line as he's legally an adult. Do you know what kind of epilepsy he has? Have they seen anything on EEG where a follow up EEG might be helpful to determine if his seizures are well controlled?

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