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LED Light Sensitivity


I'm having a down day. They don't happen often, but it seems I'm being tested in a big way. Before I get too far, please know that I am a positive person heart and I am VERY thankful that this is my challenge compare to the many other things that could be going on with my body. My hope is by posting here, I might find at least one person who is on the same journey.

I have seizures when I catch a glimpse of a LED light. In the past LED lights caused a brief wave of nausea, but with the fairly recent LED light boom (new vehicles, bike lights, head lamps, street lights, spot lights, commercial building lights, concert lights, etc.) I am "hit" with anything from nausea, a "fuzzy" or "frosty" sensation on the left side of my head, my left side teeth hurt, I'll get a metallic taste in my mouth, I fell as though someone hit my reset button, I feel like a boggle head, to loosing my leg muscles and speech for a few seconds.

Two EEGs (one three day) and a MRI all I have a "normal" brain.

It is thought that either the LED lights are causing instant migraines, I'm having panic attacks or I have PNES. When "hit" by the LED lights, I'm pretty certain that my sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) is triggered, as I ended up with exceedingly high blood pressure and social anxiety (I have never experienced this in my life!).

I live in a rural community. I am on a medical leave, and I was content that my "nest" was "safe." In addition, I have plenty of projects to keep me busy. Yet, my cognitive abilities are declining and my neighbors are embracing LED lights. Last night, I was doing the dishes in front of a window that looks out on an old farm and my neighbor and his son road by on their snowmobiles equipped with strong LED headlights. I burst into tears and have been one with the Kleenex box since.

Anyone else experiencing the same???


I've had a sensitivity to

I've had a sensitivity to rapidly flashing/moving light for a long time- both LED and natural sunlight. It's usually enough to disorient me, sometimes to make me stop walking/doing something. I may become nauseous or anxious, will usually feel weak in muscles and numb all over my body, especially in my face. I usually feel like I need to lie down. I have never been officially diagnosed with seizures but have had fainting spells that apparently look like seizures, so it's very unclear. I also have a history of panic/anxiety attacks, and these are not the same. 

 I've overcome other symptoms

 I've overcome other symptoms as well and this one is just driving me nuts. Seems to bring on other things as well since I start to worry about migraine aura and such. But when I checked the internet for flashers and floaters and expected the worst, it basically said that lots of people get them and they are normal (unless they increase very suddenly)! but for me it was worst.....

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