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Im getting worried

Hello all my name is Jesse Hill im 37yrs old. I have been having seizures for 8 years now just been geeting treated for the past 3. I was diagnosed with left tempro lobe seizures. The thing that scares me is im on my forth set of meds already and that have stoped working. Im at a point that I want to give up because it's just a repeating pattern. I don't know what to do


Have you spoken with your

Have you spoken with your neurologist about getting a video EEG done Jesse? The VEEG really gives them some evidence that can open the choices you may have in addition with your meds.I went after surgery not because I knew it would make me seizure free for life but that it would play a vital role in controlling the seizures and the level of the medication I might have to take. That said, surgery requires being patient if you go ahead with it. Because mine was close to language and speech and memory I had to undergo some speech therapy post surgery. And because we could not remove a pretty tiny area, given it was pretty much speech, well, there is a possibility that I may see seizures down the road. That said, I felt it was worth it. By the way, with surgery you have to be very selective with your hospitals. You need a hospital with pretty good ratings in neurology and neurosurgery. A great source for that is US News and World Report. They rate hospitals; universities etc. The link to hospitals with good ratings in neurology and neurosurgery is this: even if you aren't thinking about surgery, sometimes the hospital where your neurologist is stationed matters. After all, with Epilepsy you are seeking a neurologist who specialized in Epilepsy. Some neurologists specialize in other neurological areas, such as Strokes and Parkinson's. But, like me, you need one who specializes in Epilepsy.Take a look at the link if you feel you may want to find another neurologist, one who specializes in Epilepsy.Sometimes the neurologist is the one who really tells you more. Best Regards

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