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I think I had a seizure in my sleep

Hi! So last night, while I was sleep, I felt all of my muscles tighten in a way they never had before, and then I felt really weird and scared. I don’t remember much else. Then I woke up. I’m not sure if it’s a bad dream or a seizure but I think it might be a seizure because I felt my body tense up, but I’m also a hypochondriac lol what should I do?


Don't get worried about it

Don't get worried about it but do record the event.  I think I had a mild seizure a few nights ago but it could have been a dream.  I just record it along with all my other medical information and then watch for a pattern.  I also have been experiencing times where I awaken from the teeth clapping together one time.  It seems very descriptive of a type of seizure.  Again I'm not worried about it but I do record it and let my doctor know and choose if it should be looked into.  If it becomes frequent and more disturbing then you need to contact the doctor and insist upon answers.

Most of my seziures occcur

Most of my seziures occcur around periods of sleep as well (going to sleep or waking up). If I have one at night, when I wake up the following morning, it can take me a few minutes to remember that I had one. People closeset to me say I have a distinct facial expression after a seziure, and can tell the following morning that I’ve had a sezire the night before. For me, this is smple the nature of a typical seziure. I have had a few experiences that you seem to describe where I wasn’t sure weather I was awake or not, if I was really having a seziure, or dreaming about having a seziure.  I think what you experienced was just part of your seziures, but still ask your doctor about it.

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