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I am taking CBD, and I have been seizure free since 2018

I wanted to bring up CBD. I had been diagnosed with epilepsy in 2015, and suffered through many seizures (while on medication) before discovering the benefits of CBD in 2018. I had a 15 minute grand maul seizure October 5, 2018 and went into status epilepticus. It was my sons 4th Birthday. I share this with you because after this seizure I started taking CBD after my wife recommended that I at least try it. She had patients who had success. I have since been seizure free. Of course I cannot say that it will do the same for all, but it has certainly helped me. It has been is helping people naturally and I wanted to be part of the movement to help educate and promote a natural alternative. I found out how it was changing people’s lives not only with seizures, but also saving people from debilitating pain, and insomnia. I knew I wanted to get involved. My hope is that you not only experience the healing powers of these CBD products but that you join me on my mission to tell more people about it. The products that I have been using since 2018 are from CBD BioCare. My wife suggested I try this brand first. It has been a life changer for me.
If I can help you, please email me at and I can give you my web page address.
As my way of saying thank you for visiting my CBD BioCare page you can save 5% off your order.


Hi timnovotny, Thanks so much

Hi timnovotny, Thanks so much for posting and for sharing about your experience and we are glad to hear that you have found a treatment that has worked well for you. Treatment varies for each individual, so it’s important that those living with epilepsy consult with their healthcare team to determine what treatment is best for them. For more information about complementary health approaches to epilepsy, please visit: more information on CBD oil please visit: more about seizure safety & status epilepticus here:

This is actually exactly what

This is actually exactly what I am looking for!  I am so glad you shared this.  I have had Epilepsy since the age of 11 I am now 41  so for 30 years I have struggled the seizures the side effects of medication and the embarrassment of public confusion, memory loss,  I have went 12 years with out driving because it was unsafe.  I mean this illness has really been damaging to my quality of life.  But other than that I have recently learned that due to taking Dilantin long term (30) years I am now severely vitamin D deficient!  that means that all these bones I have broken in the last 20 years is probably not merely accidental.  I have bone loss at 41  I am determined more than ever to find a natural way to avoid taking Dilantin the rest of my life.  I have gotten the certification from my doctor for medical CBD I am just waiting now.  I have researched vitamins to take and I am ready to begin my next chapter... that will hopefully have similar results as what you have experienced.  Be Blessed

Thank you for posting . My

Thank you for posting . My daughter has seizures and we were thinking about CBD how did you get your dosage?

correction granddaughter

correction granddaughter

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