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how we should assimilate epilepsy in our family

Goodnight, I'm from the Dominican Republic, I do not speak English, I'm using a translator to express and tell my story.
I have a 7-year-old girl, who was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was less than two years old, whose symptoms started with a severe headache, being an exasperating situation as a father to see the girl cry, to which we added to her pain, the study process was started to determine the cause of the headaches, which cost were high for us as parents, because the treating doctor does not work with insurance, the girl has already medicated several years, which has improved her headache, in that process 5 Electro Encephalogram study with normal results, the doctor had her under observation to lower the doses of the medication and eliminate her medication, but the last of the studies showed generalized epilepsy, as parents, both to me As my wife worries us about her improvement, with the grace of God we have been able to take her treatment according to the medical indications, with two doses one in the morning and the other in the noc I have indicated according to his weight, I am currently dealing with a pediatric neurologist from a hospital in my country, who work with medical insurance, as parents we feel confident in the neurologist who follows my daughter's case, as she gives her attentions First to your patients.
Our frustration, despite the fact that my wife is a clinical psychologist, is manifested in the lack of emotional support to learn how to deal with my daughter's medical condition, I say condition since I refuse to call illness, in my country I have not found a single organization that they can offer emotional support to family that are going through a similar situation, being a problem that the medicines to treat epilepsy are not covered by the basic health plan.
The little we have learned about epilepsy has been the result of the collection of information through the Internet on this page, although they may not be the most effective tools but it is what we have at the moment to learn how to handle situations.
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