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Hi ! is lamotrigine/lamictal any good?

hello, I'm 20 years old and a sophomore in college I thought today I will hear good news but the doctor offered me another medication to treat the absence seizures so I'm on three now: Keppra, vimpat ( lacosamide), and Lamictal. Tomorrow or today at the night pills I will start the Lamictal, does it help in the absence seizures ?


Hi marwa_5d650e75d04ff,

Hi marwa_5d650e75d04ff, Thanks so much for posting. Treatment varies for each individual, so it’s very important that you continue to consult with your healthcare team to determine what is best for you and if you experience any changes in seizure types, frequency, behaviors,side effects and symptoms. Learn more about Keppra, Vimpat & Lamictal, here: For more information regarding absence seizures &treatment, please visit:  Managing your epilepsy can help to lessen your risks, improve safety, and increase the chance of a successful college experience, both in and out of the classroom. more about how to manage your epilepsy and have an active and full life: seizure first aid: Learnhow to live with seizures, potential risks and safety tips: Create a seizureresponse or action plan: which is a helpful toolfor those around you to understand what to do if you have a seizure: Use a diary: Track your seizures,record your medical history, medications, side effects, moods, triggers, or other personal experiences. Have a Seizure alert device: Sometimes it's helpful to connect with other people who live with epilepsy, to ask questions, share experiences, find & give support to each other. Contact your local Epilepsy Foundation at: to find support groups, events, and programs in your community. Additionally you may contact our Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline: 1-800-332-1000, where a trained information specialist can connect you to resources,  provide referrals and additional  

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