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Help - I have photosensitive epilepsy and computers, patterns, fluorescent lights also trigger me. Can't work!

Has anybody on here with photosensitive/pattern sensitive epilepsy ever started their own business? I cannot work anymore. Computers (not just the light, but the flashing screens and patterns and windows) trigger me. Black and white grids trigger me. Fluorescent lights trigger me. Movies trigger me. Certain commercials trigger me. I used to be a pharmacist, now I can't work at all because pharmacy computer software triggers me because of all the flashing windows and flashing lights. I even tried to work as a waitress and working on the POS machine in two different restaurants triggers me. It's not so much the flickering lights but the constant flashing boxes and grids. I am to the point where I can't work but I got denied disability, so I am talking to a disability lawyer on Monday. I was a part-time hypnotherapist but I have so many temporal lobe seizures with post-ictal psychosis and post-ictal language problems, and I have so many memory problems that I can't be a good hypnotherapist anymore.


Oh, and also, it all got

Oh, and also, it all got worse when I got lasik surgery. has that ever happened to anybody else? 

I am having the same problems

I am having the same problems but, I can't get a diagnosis. they just medicated me with Kepra which cutdown the frequencies. I had a friend suggest blue light blocking glasses. Like night driving glasses of blue lens glasses. These do help me alot more. You can get them fiarly cheap at amazon. 

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