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First Time Seizures

Almost 2 weeks ago, I had my first seizure at 41, while driving home from work. I wrecked my car and was taken to the emergency room(Where I later had another seizure) and stayed at the hospital for about 2 days. They did an MRI, CAT Scan, EKG and could not pinpoint any cause. The neurologist prescribed Keppra (750 mg twice a day), and I can't drive for 6 months. They didn't say anything about Epilepsy, but is there a chance I might have it? Could these seizures be a one-off thing? Should I take it easy for a while, and if so for how long?


Hi mistermattm77, Thanks so

Hi mistermattm77, Thanks so much for posting, we understand this can be very scary and upsetting to experience. We cannot determine what caused your seizures or if you have epilepsy, so it's very important that you follow-up with your healthcare team to determine what treatment is best for you. For assistance finding an epilepsy specialist near you, or for a second opinion, please visit:  Our new to Epilepsy & Seizure tool kit is a great resource and starting point for learning about epilepsy, what resources are available, how to make the most of doctors' visits, and how to take control of seizures & find self-management tools. Learn more, by visiting: My seizure diary can be used to identify & track seizures, record medical history, medications, side effects, moods, triggers, or other personal experiences, which can be shared with your healthcare team. To learn more,please visit:  Additionally, our Epilepsy and Seizures 24/7 Helpline: 1-800-332-1000,, can assist in connecting you to resources, provide referrals and additional support.  Or by contacting your local Epilepsy Foundation at: to find support groups, events, and programs in your community. 

Hello, This sounds like my

Hello, This sounds like my son. He is a 22 year old healthy young man who out of the blue had a tonic clonic seizure at work. Same as you he had all normal test results. He was put on 500mg of keppra twice a day.  The medicine is very hard for him to tolerate.  I too am hoping this is a one time fluke.  I'd love to know if this ever happened to anyone and then never happened again?

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