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Epilepsy - the up sides

Tried to share my story, but "sorry invalid content" was all I could get from it.

I'll share those upsides when I figure out how to enter a valid content.


I got the same issue can you

I got the same issue can you let me know how you fixed it. I then got a message saying the website is unavailable. 

Hi Rohbiwan,  Thank you for

Hi Rohbiwan,  Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. If you continue to have issues posting, please contact us at,

Good morning - if anyone is

Good morning - if anyone is about. Trying again to post and will keep it short. Been having seizures for a few years but just recently diagnosed due to an auto accident. Problem is - I love it - both the seizures and medication - but I can't find anyone else that does. There must be someone around who would like to discuss the up sides. So far dejavu, visions, and ecstasy make up my seizures - of course I don't remember the unconscious parts, but I awaken feeling like I just had a brain massage from God. After awakening from my last event a Doctor and medical staff were on hand by sheer luck. Post accident pulse was 60 and I was filled with joy. Clearly not natural.I don't wanna bring down people who actually do suffer from this disease- most people, but I would love to chat with people who are lucky enough to have such powerful and positive experiences. It's like there is a golden key just out of reach....

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