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Does Diastat need to be at school?

My son is 19 and has CP. He has always had Diastat in his backpack. Recently nurse stated medication needs to be at school. I understand it is school policy, but when he is not at school, he needs to have Diastat with him too. Can I ask nurse to take Diastat off his backpack and put back on everyday?


Hi, Thank you for posting.

Hi, Thank you for posting. You all may want to consider asking his doctor if he could provide another prescription for Diastat, to keep one at school, (per their policy) and one for him to keep in his backpack to use outside of school if needed. Or it may be helpful to meet with the nurses at the school to see what recommendations they have to ensure that your son has his medication at school and that it goes home with him each day as well. 

Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately they won’t allow the medication in his backpack at all, even if there is one at school. I need to do something soon. 

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