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Dizziness all day everyday

Hello recently for the past week I have started to have migraines and dizziness 24/7 and can barely get out of bed.

I have always mostly suffered from Focal Seizures and I only have to do a tiny bit of work and have focal seizures.

Now I don't have the focal seizures because I can't do any work as I am dizzy, lightheaded, tired and feel like I'm going to pass out.

I do not drink caffeine, I do smoke (not a lot anymore as I can't get out of bed) I suffer from depression, anxiety and I am Epileptic. Also with the focal seizures they've happened for years but have gotten worse for months and for years the doctors can't figure out why I'm having these focal seizures and why the tablets aren't stopping them.

But I want to know why I've suddenly become dizzy 24/7


A lot of the time people get

A lot of the time people get dizzy from being dehydrated, have you been drinking a lot of water? They say you should “drink your weight” in ounces (example: 150 pounds= drink 150 ounces of water per day). As for the migranes, I take sumatriptan. If I feel one coming on I try to nap if I can and sometimes that works to deter them. HelpForum did HelpForum did not let me to publish this, so I use this space.My first seizure happened when I was 12.MY STORY:ADOLESCENCEI had a normal life in society, in fact I was always among the best students. However, when general seizures occurred I cried because I thought I was a burden to my parents and for obvious reasons I felt frustrated.EARLY ADULTHODDIn my 18-23 age my social life was ok and I felt adapted to medication, however my relationship with others, specially women, was not easy because I was so anxious and irritable. My learning process was ok, despite sometimes I felt lazy for things.NOWSince I was 24 (I am now 26) I have noticed that secondary effects of meds are harming my life, I have gone through Levetiracetam, Valproate and now I am treated with Lacosamide and Lamotrigine. It is proper to say that since 13 age I have lived periods of 6 months or 1 year without grand mal seizures, however, absence seizures are recurrent in me and I can have up to 7 in a day.As I was telling you, since last year I have noticed I feel dizzy, I find it difficult to establish relationships but what worries me the most, I forget things with frequence. I cannot establish day to day goals because I lose connections easily. I graduated as a teacher and you cannot imagine how hard this is, I can't have a job and my parents do almost everything for me.Since my grand mal seizures happen in average each 6 months, I am thinking about leaving meds intending to recover my memory and brilliance. However, absence seizures some days come, some days not.. thus I... I am desperate, and I want to be FREE.

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