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Did i have a seizure?

Hi there, I am a 31 yr healthy ( as far as I know) female and I think I might have had a seizure. I don't have any history of seizures so im kinda asking for insight. A little back story of my life this past year.. Last year my 8 (now 9) yr old daughter suffered a ruptured AVM and strokes. Long story short, it completely destroyed her and us but she still survived and is at home with 24/7 nursing care and on a ventilator. I have been extremely depressed and my anxiety is through the roof these past few days because tomorrow 11/20 will be her one year anniversary. Last night I was with my boyfriend at his place watching tv, had one drink, and dinner. We had sex and I got up to use the bathroom after and I immediately felt like I was gonna pass out and my legs got heavy and weak and all I wanted to do was lay on the cold floor. I got really nauseous and I managed to get up and fall down again. Eventually I got up and all I was thinking was that I had to make to the bed because I needed to sleep. I didn't make it and apparently I fell down and according to him my eyes were wide open, staring off to the side and I had my body clenched. I was breathing and not convulsing. I finally came to and he was over me calling my name and was about to call the ambulance. I noticed that the room looked like it was under red light and my left ear was ringing like crazy. I remember most of it but not when he was over me. I felt fine, mainly scared, but I had energy and then eventually went to sleep. I am noticing that im nauseous at work right now but I don't know if I need to go get this checked out. Maybe it was insane stress because of the situation idk.

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