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Am I having seizures?

Today I had an odd episode where I was going to get something from the fridge when all of a sudden I felt hazy, slowed down, stopped in my tracks then I had some odd abdominal muscle contractions and diaphragmatic contractions (few funny sudden breaths), then my legs felt kind of weak and I thought I was going to fall over. I started walking to some carpeted floor and my legs felt heavy or like I was moving through molasses, especially the left one. I felt a little panicked and just talked myself through it. After this initial episode which maybe lasted a.minute, I felt very cold and was shivering/had goosebumps. My head was making tiny movements and I couldn't tell if I could control them or not. About 3 mins after all of this I felt very tired all of a sudden and laid down and closed my eyes for a few minutes. I then got up and felt pretty normal.
Decided to call to make a doctor appointment and realized I had a hard time finding words and felt like I sounded a little stupid/sluggish.

A few months ago I had an odd episode where I was just sitting then all of a sudden my hand looked weird or maybe a little bigger than normal. I had a panic attack during that episode. I felt cold and was shivering, though that house was very cold at night. It took longer to feel normal during that episode.

About 3 years ago I had an episode while driving myself home on a road I had driven hundreds of times, where all of a sudden everything seemed a little brighter than I thought it was and I completely forgot where I was or where I was headed. I just told myself to keep driving and after about 30-45 seconds I realized where I was and that I was headed home. It was really scary.
I had another similar episode like that happened when I was driving another road I drove often, where I felt like I was about to forget where I was, the sensation was rising then it went away quickly.

I also have weird episodes if I drink too much where I get body contractions, I crumple to the floor, different muscles contract, my body kind of crunches up in fetal and my head rolls around and I start breathing fast/get stressed but completely aware and can remember everything. That happened the first time I ever got drunk, and I have never been "black out drunk" because this happens before I can have enough to drink to forget the night. I now obviously moderate my drinks and only drink enough to get heavily tipsy.

Has anyone experienced any of these types of episodes? I have a GP appointment in a couple days and will see if she thinks I need referral to neurology.

Thanks if you read this and super thanks if you comment!

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